Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Gosh! I'm shattered!

I know why Mrs Rustbridger has been complaining about our shed. Last night, it woke me!

She's right. It is noisy! Very!

I stumbled to the window - and there it was, trembling, rumbling and glowing green.

Personally, I think going to investigate that shed in the middle of a dark, cold, lonely, Ming-less night was exceptionally brave.

But I did it!

One of the washing machines was finishing its cycle.

Didcott was there, waiting to open its door.

"Well," he said, "You were bound to find out some time."


"These machines are Multi-Purpose-Distance-Clothes-Swappers".


"MPDCs. Mega-powered by Sock-Drive.

"It's all quite straightforward, once you know.

"You put clothes in - and they are washed in the usual way. Then, they zoom through space to Mars, where they are taken from a corresponding machine and replaced with clothes of a different size."

(That explains lots of things!)

"And all this on 'green energy'!"

(Sweat from smelly feet - hence, 'Sock Drive'.)

"Well!" I thought. "That certainly clears up one of the major mysteries of the known universe."

I returned to bed; a wiser woman.

There was one mystery left though.

"Why," I wondered, as I fell back to sleep, "does Didcott need baby clothes?"

(One more germinated tomato.)



Barbee' said...

Ah, Ha! THAT's where all the lost socks go :)

garden girl said...

I always knew there was an explanation! I'll sleep better at night knowing the answer to this eternal mystery.

Melanie said...

Dear Esther, please return our socks, we're missing 32 single socks in total but you only need to return 7 of them.

Luckily my daughter emily has announced that it really doesn't matter if one sock has red stripes and the other has blue stripes as long as they cover her feet when she puts them in her shoes. (so far this is the truth, I collected 32 single socks last year, don't know where the missing ones are...wait...I do think I remember my dog eating a few).

Long Island, hmmm, I could post more here than on blotanical. It's 118 miles long (190 km) so it's really long! The part closest to New York city is actually in new york city. Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island but the people who live there don't know it.

Where I live is about 38 miles from down town Manhattan so there' still lots of island east of me but from here on it's less populated. Out east there are lots of farms and wineries and the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Unfortunately like London, it's unbelievably expensive to live here so everybody who retires moves away. I would like to move away tomorrow. I'd move to the southern part of America and have everybody call me "Miss Melanie".

We are spoiled though to be within an hour of one of the most amazing cities in the world. So far, the only city as wonderful to us has been London and my daughter hopes to study at Oxford next year.

Sorry this was so long, just like my island :-)