Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last week, I married a Martian.

He's quite handsome really - though he thought it was funny when he examined the globe on my mantle-piece because the north pole was at the top.

It's an ornamental globe but it's got a lot of detail.

He said it was upside down. Then, he said that was a joke and that The Windward Islands should be at the top.

But I didn't know where the Windward Islands are. (I'm not sure I'd even heard of them.) So he showed me. So now I do.

. . . But I'm still not definitely sure that the Windward Islands really are at the top of Martian Maps or whether he's still joking.

Anyway . . . today I planted a hollyhock.

I planted the seed in a clay pot last spring - but the summer was so wet I never got round to planting it out.

Now, it'll have to take its chances, between slugs and frosts.

To help it on its way, I gave it a load of compost. I don't know how much good this will do because our compost is solid brandling worm.

We'll see.

My husband, by the way, is called Ming. (Well, he isn't really - but his Martian name is un-pronouncable and they don't have the same alphabet as us on Mars, so I call him Ming.)

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Eve said...

It could be dear esther that he is telling tales. Can you really believe what he tells you?

For instance, do Martians mate for life? Did you ask him that?

Esther Montgomery said...

Well, Eve, nothing that's happened since has led me to suspect he isn't telling the truth (perhaps not all of it though!).

No, I didn't ask him if Martians 'mate for life'. I wouldn't have considered it quite polite - and Earth dwellers don't have an enormously successful track record on that so I think he might have laughed at me.

I've been on Mars for a few weeks now and most of the married Martians I've met seem very happy.

'Life' is an awkward concept. I married later than most people so, even if Ming and I stay together until we die, it will still only be about half of what most people mean by 'for life'.

More of a challenge (I'm writing this on July 19th, so a lot has happened since I wrote this post and I know more and understand less) is to get to grips with how old Ming is. I still haven't a clue. (Though I do know he is older than our children.)

Best wishes