Monday, February 25, 2008


Four nasturtium seeds have germinated.

A letter from Manchester has arrived, addressed to Ming.

Three came up yesterday; one over-night.

Now I’m waiting for the parsley.

Ming’s got a job with the Ministry of Defence.

Parsley takes longer to germinate than Romanesques and nasturtiums.

He’s not a scientist; he’s a cleaner.

So the letter from Manchester sits on the kitchen table, unopened.

I’m going to plant one of the lemon balm clumps in the garden. See how it does.

I’m not sure about capital letters. I keep changing between Romanesques and romanesques.

I haven’t told Ming about Lucy and the geraniums but I looked them up on the internet. Totally confused. I would have liked to invite Lucy round for coffee this morning. It would take my mind off the letter from Manchester. But I don’t want to talk about geraniums. Perhaps that’s what I’ll tell her - that the point of research is to look into things no-one else understands. Of course, she’ll then say she does understand - but if I mugg up on the Latin names, that should throw her! (Mugg up - mug up - mugg up - mug up.)

Geranium Malviflorum (That’s the Algerian one.)
Geranium Kanahitobanawa (Doesn’t sound very Latin, does it?)
Geranium Maculatum (That’s the wild cranesbill.)
Pelargonium Exstipulatum (I’ll have to practise saying that one.)
Pelargonium Glutinous

(That one can save till last. It sounds revolting. Lucy won’t be interested after that. If I change Exstipulatum to Exspitulatum, that should clinch it.)

The evergreen clematis in our garden is coming into flower.

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