Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Cats have been scaling the Madeleine d'Angevine vine; shredding its bark en route to the top of the wall.

Claws have been sharpened on the olive tree trunk and the mulch is a cat latrine.

Flag iris at the front of the house is removed to a nettle bed (specially planted!) - and last years teasles are iron railings - ossified; white since autumn.

(Robert, Caddis and Ceres - beware!)

* * * * *

Life reflects life.

* * * * *
Tomatoes have been bothering me too.

'Experts' say Moneymaker and Gardener's Delight are naff.
So why do people grow them.? I wish I had Moneymaker and Gardener's Delight to complement my Tomato Il Pantano Romanesco seedlings.

(Especially Gardener's Delight.)

Miss Martin says she had nothing to do with Ming's arrest.

She says she has no idea why her chauffeur was lurking in Mrs Rustbridger's porch - but she'll ask him and let me know.

She asked how the runner beans are doing.

I was evasive.

Later, a man phoned. He said he was from the M.O.D. Mobile Prisons Unit; I'll be allowed to see Ming in two days time. Would I like to be taken to the bus (where it will be parked in a lay-by for the convenience of visitors) or have the bus brought to our house?

I imagined making tea for a bus load of prisoners - and said I'd prefer the layby.

He said he'd arrange things - and will 'get back to me'.

I'm feeling cheered already and trying not to sit by the phone!



garden girl said...

Esther, I hope everything goes smoothly and you're able to visit Ming very soon. I'm glad you had a bit of good news!

Esther Montgomery said...

Oh yes! Thank you! I feel a bit breathless at the thought of getting ready for Thursday!