Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We seem to be suffering an unsolicited outbreak of beetroot seedlings.

Every parsley pot has one.

Ming still isn't persuaded the best place to begin life is at the beginning - and to work upwards.

Children need practice, I say, at being one age before moving to another - and that means taking things slowly.

They need security.

How, I ask, will they settle properly at night if they are lying there wondering how old they'll be when they wake up?

Ming says I'm boring.

Meanwhile, the children are having fun experimenting.

They went to the pub at lunchtime.

Ming was cross. He says we are being bad parents.

"This," he said, "is what happens when children are allowed to choose for themselves how old they are!"

"Then let them be babies!"

But Ming thinks parents bond better with children if they don't have to start with nappies.

He may have a point.

The hollyhock isn't doing anything very interesting. I think it must be using its energy to develop a root system. Hollyhocks are tall plants. Without strong roots, they'd fall over.

Two of the nasturtiums have four leaves now, instead of two.

After the children had spent a couple of hours this afternoon being thirteen, Ming stepped in and switched them to thirty-five so we could have a family discussion about "Why Grown Ups Don't Like Being Shouted At".

Then he decided they should be tired five-year-olds for a bit, read them stories - and persuaded them to go to bed for an afternoon rest.

Tomorrow, I'll ask how they are managing so many clothes - changes.

It's been beautiful weather today. Sunny. Tomorrow I may have to do some watering.
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