Friday, March 28, 2008


Rather a pleasant morning.

(Despite the rain.)

Took a walk round the garden.

Where I:-
1.) Inspected the roof of the shed. (It's got worse but nothing can be done until the wood's dried out and the weather has improved.)

2.) Regretted the wind-scorch at the top of the bay tree. (It's too high. Can't do anything about that either.)

3.) Felt pleased that the bed of dwarf cyclamen looks so healthy (!).

4.) Chased some cats.
* * * * *
Miss Martin phoned.

This inspired me to put even more runner beans in the airing cupboard.

(We should have a good crop this year.)

Miss Martin says she isn't convinced it's the M.O.D. which has taken Ming. She can't find anyone at work who knows anything about it.

(Except for her chauffeur - and he says he just happened to be passing when the prison bus came by and thought, since he was there, asking Mrs Rustbridger to make a cup of tea would be a friendly thing to do. He hoped it had helped.)

(I said it did.)


Miss Martin asked if we have any enemies.

I told her Merlinprincesse has advised me to watch out for the Royal Canadian Mounted police.
Miss Martin asked if I had seen many men lately with red jackets and big hats riding up our street on horseback.


(But they wouldn't have come like that, would they? They'd have worn camouflage!)



Frances, said...

Okay, up to speed now. It isn't right to start reading your posts out of order, one must begin at the beginning. This is a must read for me, you have me hanging by a thread to see what happens next.
Frances at Faire Garden

merlinprincesse said...

RCMP ALWAYS wear their red coats, dear! If you don't see them, they're not there... ;o) Are you sure they are not hidden behind the tomatoes?

Esther Montgomery said...


Well, the tomatoes are about an inch and a half high at the moment. Are there any mini-Mounties?


merlinprincesse said...

HHEHEHHE! You made me laugh! :)