Monday, March 3, 2008


When I came down to breakfast this morning, there were a couple of strangers with Ming. Their skin was tinged with green and their hair was the colour of mine. (Grey.)

One (a man) was wearing slippers like the ones I found in the garden (only bigger).

The other (a woman) was clutching a nosegay of blue summer flowers.
The phone rang.

Mrs Rustbridger.

Once again, we'd disturbed her sleep.

She'd 'mentioned', she said, the flashing green lights - and now the shed had started to throb!

I said I was sorry, as best I could, and returned to the strangers and Ming.

He was holding two babies, one on each arm.

I looked. Only three beings and me in the room. The pale-green-grown-ups had gone.

"I wasn't sure which was the best age to choose," he said.

Two parsley seeds are up.

I chased a cat that was sitting on the Hollyhock.

I've done some weeding.

I can't remember much more of today!
_ _ _ _ _

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