Saturday, March 8, 2008


I've been busy.

I've had a long discussion with Lucy.

I went to town for runner bean seeds and got miserable because the best stationers shop in the universe is closing.

Patrice thinks she might convert me to adverbs.
She says there are things called 'Adverb Poems' in which every line begins with the same adverb. (She describes the structure on her blog.) And now, she's issued a counter-challenge.
Can we write adverb poems?

Can we?


All of a sudden - Ming seemed to be six months old.

The children ran downstairs - startled.

I wrapped Ming in his pyjama jacket and followed.

I didn't need an explanation. (Yet!) I wanted him 'back' - I wanted him the right size.

This made me pause. Do I know his 'right' size?

By the time I reached the living room, the children were in their sleeping bags and feigning sleep.

I remembered the Haiku Ron sent me.
Ming is evasive
Like some Chinese pottery
With nettled neighbours

I don't know about Ming - but the children are downright slippery! (And we keep forgetting nettles. Life is so busy!)

P.S. The Lesser Celandine are flowering in the woods.
_ _ _ _ _


Ron Eklof said...

Thank you, oh wife of Ming.
It's a joy to be a weed in your garden.

Patrice said...

Thank you for posting the Adverb Counter Challenge. I'm eager to see what transpires!

rosa said...

I love lesser Celandine, tho' it doesn't grow in California. What is the espaliered plant growing in the picture on your blog heading? I imagine that it is an heirloom apple tree, a (Cox's Orange Pippin?) or maybe a pear? I've never grown anything espaliered. Is it difficult?