Friday, March 21, 2008


The wind's got up again.

It's all grey and horrible outside.

The Spanish Broom has been stretched sideways.
I keep bumping my head against a branch.

I'll have to saw it off.

(The branch.)

I can't stake it because a stake would have to go into the ground precisely where the compost bin is and I can't move the compost bin because there isn't anywhere else to put it and because Ming isn't here to help me move it and he is the only person whose help I would want in anything.

* * * * *


* * * * *

The buds on the apple tree are swelled. You can see them distinctly from the house.
Flowers or leaves?

My brain is fossilised!

* * * * *
I told the children they're to be called Didcott and Worthing. They can chose which is which.

And I asked if they'd 'grow up' for a few weeks - so they can help while we're in crisis.

They said they like being ten.

* * * * *
Yesterday afternoon, Mrs Rustbridger made a cake and brought it round.

She brought her washing too.

She said her machine is broken.

I said

"Sorry, I'm using mine".

She said

"What about the ones in the shed?".


We went to see.

All three were mid-cycle so I made coffee; we ate cake; and waited.

When we went back to the shed, the machines had stopped. There was one sock in each.

"Well," I said briskly. "We'd better get these three socks on the line before it starts to rain again."

Mrs Rustbridger put her clothes into the machine.

* * * * *

Two tomato seeds have germinated already!

Removing our nightwear from the airing cupboard has clearly worked!

* * * * *

When Mrs Rustbridger came to collect her washing - it wasn't there!

She's not pleased.


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