Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ming and Didcott went to school today - aged ten.

"Don't worry about Worthing," he said, as I kissed them goodbye. "I won't let him down, I promise. I'm good at astro-physics."

I said - 'Astro-physics' isn't on the Year Five curriculum.

He wanted to know what they might be doing instead.

I knew the answer. Lucy told me the other day when we were discussing 'modern education'.

"The Tudors."

"What are they?" he whispered (alarmed). "I don't think we have them on Mars!"

Explaining didn't help.

"Don't worry," I said. "That's what schools are for - learning things!"

* * * * *

There's an arc of bare earth round the street lamp - where the children gather and 'hang'.

And they've stamped out a path at a tangent - a 'short cut' for when they play 'It'.

The Philadelphus (Coronarius?) I planted there, lasted for less than a week.

And though that was more than three years ago now, there's a hollow still marking the spot.

. . . . . . . . . . Clover?

(That's what Melissa suggests.)

I went to the front of the house and thought.

I looked at the circle - the tangent - the bare, dusty earth, the clover.


It's found it's own home!

Already it's lush in the hollow - and reaching into the grass!

(What's left of it!)

I don't need to worry about growing conditions!

I won't need to buy seed!

Ha! I've got a new lawn!

(Total area - about three square feet.)

* * * * *
I made packed lunches for Didcott and Ming.

I hope no-one asks why they're green!

(Didcott and Ming.)



Frances, said...

Oh, I didn't realize the kids are green also! But should have if they could switch out for the prison bus.

Esther Montgomery said...

They aren't as green as Ming. And even with Ming, it's more of a tint than proper green.

(Difficult to capture in the pictures.)

But they all look definitely 'different' from everyone else round here.

Not that anyone likes to 'mention it'. Even Mrs Rustbridger stops short of saying 'Please tell me, why are you green?'

School children are more direct. That's why I'm worried.


Barbee' said...

Esther, part of this post reads like a dream sequence. I dream a lot and this is much like something I would dream.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I thought you meant the sandwiches were green, not the kids. You can just say "We're 'green.' Saving the planet, you know, one green kid at a time."~~Dee

Esther Montgomery said...

Dee - I like the idea of Martians saving the planet - usually, they are accused of threatening it! (War of the worlds etc.)

Except - (and this is irrelevent) have you come across the children's cartoons 'Butt Ugly Martians?'

When I came across it, I was shocked by the title and didn't think it would be 'appropriate' viewing. (!) (I'm only just getting used to saying the name out loud.)

But it really is very funny and charming - about some Martians who come to reconnoitre earth, ahead of an invasion force but, when they are befriended by a group of children, they decide to defend earth instead by constantly delaying the attack.



I like the idea of martians saving the earth...we might have to rely on them for that...unless more people turn to clover that is! Thanks for posting me : )