Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"Of course Pluto seems a long way away. Everywhere seems a long way to you! You even think Hereford is too far."

"It is - "

"I know!" he said. "I know! I know what you're going to say - 'It is if you go in a rickshaw!'!".

Ming was gritting his teeth so hard, sparks flew from the corners of his mouth.

He folded his newspaper and pressed the edges against the kitchen table.

(To emphasise his masculine command?)

"But I'm not suggesting we go anywhere in a rickshaw." (He was shouting.) "Not even Hereford!" (Shouting - louder.) Why would we go in a rickshaw when we've got a spaceship in the shed!"

"I'm not going to Hereford in a spaceship!"

(I was certain of that!)

Ming took my hand.

I smiled.

(I couldn't help it.)

(He has that effect on me.)

Then he sighed, rose, made a pot of coffee.

(They don't have coffee on Mars.)

Worthing came down for breakfast.

"Cranmer carried his wife everywhere in a trunk" he said, pouring milk on his oats. "Miss Young told us."

Ming looked interested.

* * * * *

(The Tudors should be banned from the Curriculum.)

* * * * *

Ming bought a plant for the garden yesterday.

It looks like a tussock of dead grass.

Lots of people round here have them.



Zoë said...

certainly Esther, with or without plants?

Zoë said...

Hello again,

when I say they are vintage, I mean they are old, secondhand, mostly hand thrown.

Like you I love the patina age gives things, and much prefer them to anything new. I have acquired them over the past 25 years, boot sales, garden auctions and the like. Think I cherish them as much as I do some plants! I am no artist though.

If you like black and white and texture, have a peak at some of these http://www.flickr.com/photos/unknowndomain/sets , they were taken by my son who also enjoys black and white and texture in images.

Give me a few days, maybe next Wednesday's wordless post will be your pots :-)

Best Wishes,


Amy said...

Oh dear, I hope Worthing isn't giving Ming ideas about stuffing you in a trunk somewhere...perhaps the trunk of his spaceship!

Mo said...

Oh Esther, how I love to read your blog!! :)

Philip Bewley said...

So funny about the pot of dead grass. Grass can look smashing in a garden by Ouldorf, but look like I have not been weeding in my garden.