Thursday, April 3, 2008


I wish Mrs Rustbridger weren't so kind.

She's given me a pale grey, lacy top.

It was 'Buy One Get One Free' when she bought it.

And she knows (she says) I am under 'strain'.

(Lucy told her.)


I asked if she'd like to ride in my rickshaw.

She giggled and said she would come.

Didcott pedalled. We crammed in the back.

And Mrs Rustbridger waved to her friends.
The Syllabub Ming was so proud of and pleased with, turns out to be a weed.
Along the same row I can see there are real ones; evenly spaced, with identical leaves.
Asparagus left by the previous tenant has three new shoots; plump, green and brown. Mrs Rustbridger stared at them pointedly but, firmly, I held my ground.

Ming's broad beans are glossy and healthy. I now see he's planted four very long rows. Perhaps I could introduce them to blackfly.
(Will the firm which sells predators have some of those? - As well?)
Ming phoned.
We can visit on Monday.
Didcott's dyed Worthing's hair green.


For Tomorrow


M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) said...

You must go to the seaside and collect seaweed for the asparagus. Does Ming like to bathe seaside? What kind of sea is there on Mars?

I once in lived on a street where the main attraction was a "Bloody Hell Pond". Although the waters were therapeutic, they were too hot for us humans.

rosa said...

was that a note of hostility towards Ming via his broadbeans?

merlinprincesse said...

I LOVE the drawing you made of Mrs Rustbridger waving to her friends!

Esther Montgomery said...

MSS - I collected several wheelbarrow loads of 'seaweed' once - which turned out to be eel-grass. I have no idea whether that 'works' but it was so full of hopping insects - and I really didn't want to try it a second time.

I took a look at the firey-cloudy pond but couldn't work out exactly what it is ? ? ?

. . . Ming avoids public bathing - the less he wears, the more skin he exposes - and the more people see of his skin, the more they notice it's green!


P.S. re. 'What the neighbours think' about gardens etc. . . . on your blog . . . When I moved into this street, the houses were still being built.

Soon after I arrived, I went into a nearby shop for milk.

The shopkeeper was very 'sniffy' about the development and said she was worried what kind of people might move in.

At first, I thought she meant she was worried we might all be murderers and thieves - but it turned out she was worried we might not clean our windows or mow our front lawns!

Esther Montgomery said...

Rosa - Absolutely no hostility whatsoever towards Ming - only towards broad beans.


(Oh! and violence, of course!)

Esther Montgomery said...

Merlinprincesse - thank you!