Saturday, April 12, 2008


(Same as yesterday - only wetter.)
East facing.
Very poor soil.
Very, very dry.


1. Sage - because I was given it and it's nice to have a herb, even if you don't like it (which I don't).
2. A purple clematis - an elderly friend asked me to look after it; then she died. How could I do anything other than plant it?

* * * * *
Worthing phoned.

He's missing us.

I cried and said I'm missing him too.

I've been seized by a multi-faceted and awful thought!

a.) I don't understand how age works on Mars.
b.) Could my children be older than me?
c.) Very old men?
d.) Could Ming be younger than I have assumed?
e.) A baby?

I'll have to ask.
* * * * *
To take my mind off things, I've drawn a rough diagram of the garden in front of the living room window; complete with clover patch and lampost.

This gives the impression my house consists of one room only.

It doesn't.

More hail. .
More rain. .
More April.



ericat said...

Do not look now but we seem to be on the same SF level. I love the way you write. I have not traveled much outside South Africa. With Namibia added that is a lot of traveling as such, but when the kids leave the country for the UK I had to travel further north. I was very pleasantly surprised to how beautiful the UK is.! Green is a color I seldom see and in so many shades. Now I could appreciate the Arab when he said the UK had wonderful holiday weather. It does not stop raining.
All jokes aside I think it is beautiful up north by you.
I will go and read a little more on your blog and then I must work on my website ..sigh.
ps. thanks for the visit. I would not have met you otherwise.

merlinprincesse said...

You and MING have to find a way to reunite ALL the members of your family.... No more prison!!!! :(
...Pleazzzz? ;o)

Esther Montgomery said...

Merlinprincesse - Yes! That is very important.

But we must first find out why Ming was arrested at all.

Don't you think?

Perhaps that will be the route for his final release?

It seems to me that the legal ins-and-outs are very complicated.

And it's difficult, being a small, human cog in an inter-planetary 'situation'.

(Can't think of a better way to describe it!)


P.S. Don't worry too much. Both Worthing and Ming tell me the food on the prison bus is excellent.

(By that, I think they mean it's better than mine. Ah well!)

Barbee' said...

Is Spring April or is April Spring - anyway, Spring is having a party in our garden all across the back right now. However... freezes are predicted. I should venture out to admire her decorations before they turn brown. I posted about "yellow", hope I don't have to post about "brown"!

Naughty April!

Esther Montgomery said...

Barbee - the annoying thing is that (here) we aren't 'meant' to have snow and hail in April.

We have had three quite stinging hail squalls today. (Though it is pleasantly sunny just now.)

Usually, I would be hoping to say about the April sun and showers 'good growing weather' - but, instead, I'm getting 'good exercise' taking all the three inch pots outside so the little plants can start 'hardening off' then running around to get them back again before they get flattened!

Some of them are getting a bit 'leggy' because I'm having to keep them indoors so much.


Barbee' said...

I do understand. I did a post on my web site (journaling section) a year or two ago about moving all those plants in and out, in and out. Whew! This year I just don't have that energy so haven't started any. But, that doesn't mean I won't decide to do so tomorrow (as wishy-washy as April.)

tina said...

Hi esther! Glad to meet you. I did have Jack in the Pulpit but it hasn't yet reappeared. Who knows about those wildflowers. They can be fickle for me. Do you like Blotanical? I have had a bunch of visits from there so I am beginning to like it too but it is a bit technical and runs on popularity. Not my thing. Hope you visit often and do you have a special interest in Jack in the Pulpits?

Glad your house is more than one room! lol

Melanie said...

Esther, I do so love checking out your art work each day. The other night I was so engrossed reading some of your old posts that I almost missed a meeting!

Imagine me telling people I was late because of a martian marriage.