Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sam (who grows and delivers our veg.) says the time will come when ravening hoards from cities will descend upon the countryside in search of food - and strip it bare.

There will be famine.

There will be violence.

Last night, it seems, an advance guard came from the ground (disguised as slugs) and ate all the chives in my garden.

There's been a bit of a surge on the Romanesques too - but nothing (neither slug, nor child nor snail) has bothered with the single Globe Artichoke I planted at the front of the house.


We've had a letter from the school.

This term, Year 5 will be learning about light and sound.

At breakfast, Worthing asked Ming if he knows anything about 'velocity'.

Grabbing a piece of charcoal from the cupboard where we keep things for 'Drawing With' Ming leapt onto a kitchen chair and began to fill the wall with equations and diagrams and pictures of spaceships.

(I think The Tudors have been getting him down recently.)

Worthing was entranced.

The post arrived - a paint chart.

Good timing!

Spring Cleaning should already have been under way - but it's such a chore!

It might be quicker (I've been thinking)
- and more entertaining ( I've been thinking) -
to paint over the dirt than to wash it off!

Worthing took hold of the chart. He was angry. He didn't like the idea of Ming's equations being painted over so soon.

"Spaceships and diagrams are more interesting than blankness and whiteness and boring old cleanness!" he said.

My breath caught.




According to paint makers, there are many forms of white.

Pale lemon is 'Citrus White'.

Pink is 'Rose White'.

'Polar White' is a very pale blue.

They've got a 'White With a Hint of Oat'. (Porridge.)

They've got a 'Sunset White'. (Pale Orange).

And they've got 'Apple White', 'Mint White' and 'White With Green Banana'.

My thinking was muddled. But a penny had certainly dropped.

Now - I wonder if there's a colour code for the pale, greenishness of aliens who haven't taken enough exercise.

* * * * *

For Tomorrow


Amy said...

Perhaps that would be "Martian White with a Twist of Lime"?

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

I shudder to think what's happened to my hollyhocks.

Esther Montgomery said...

Amy - that'll be the new season's colour!


Esther Montgomery said...

Frankie - I have great trust in the self-renewing power of Hollyhocks.

Once they 'get going' slugs can live in their branches!

(It's just the time it takes before they rise above the ground!)

garden girl said...

Ugh, I shudder to think about the coming of the slugs. That's one creature that really grosses me out. I hate when I'm working in the garden and one gets stuck to my finger. Yuck. They are awful things, good for nothing as far as I can tell.

I scatter crushed egg shells around some of the vulnerable plants. It seems to help a bit. The old beer in cup trick works well too. I buy the least expensive beer I can find. Slugs do not deserve quality beer, not even for their last meal.

Still it seems there are always more where the drunken, drowned slugs came from. Maybe they came from a slug AA meeting. I wish they'd all start drinking.