Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is fun!

I'll be meeting VP for the first time on Monday.

She's coming to Dorset and suggests we have coffee together.

I'll find out if she really exists!

(If she is who she says she is.)

I'll ask hard questions.


Poundbury Garden Centre is pretty upmarket.

(Not quite Austin, Texas - but getting there.)

Sofas in the café and home-made cakes. (No muddy boots or putting our feet up on chairs!)

Ming will take a day off school.

(He insists.)

(Didcott will be at the 'Mary Rose' with the rest of their class.)

(More Tudors!)

Ming will lurk in town.

(Different café.)

He'll be playing 'GO' (boring, ancient Japanese Game) - with a rural clergyman friend who has a very large beard.
(Beard; not friendship.)
I don't play it.
(Actually, I'm not bright enough. I don't know where to put the pieces and I cry if I lose.)
(And I do.)
But if VP turns out to be a mad, axe wielding alien from Saturn instead of a respectable gardening lady from Chippenham (which seems to be Ming's main concern) - he'll be there in a flash.
So I'm safe.
(Probably - it's a fifteen minute walk up hill.)
(But he's got long legs.)



Anonymous said...

I would quiz her about Skimble and Jess - I am not sure where they are from - she says they are cats - what do you think?

Esther Montgomery said...

I will.


There is a contradiction in genres here which is worth probing.

Need to check for the axe before I ask though!

So - if I don't return from the garden centre - you'll know what happened!


AiaKirjanik said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I found yours quite funny, so let us please know about the axe:)

Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous that you get to meet VP in person. Please say hello from me, and extend Wilb's felicitations to the lovely Skimble and Jess.