Sunday, April 6, 2008


We're ready for tomorrow.

The rickshaw is polished; tires checked.

Our picnic is made:-

- Cheese and leek pasties (wrapped in grease-proof paper).

- Boston ginger biscuits (in a tin)

- Lemon Cordial (in bottles)

- Tomatoes

- Apples.

Worthing can have a banana.
An M.O.D. man phoned. He said we'll find the bus in a lay-by on the Bournemouth bypass. We must be there by midday. Otherwise, it'll move on.

I couldn't hear everything he said because Didcott kept prodding Worthing and making him cry.

I didn't like to say "Sorry for the noise - my children are attacking each other," so I said "Poor Worthing is teething," instead.

Didcott smiled a huge smile. Then he gave Worthing a hug and a piece of carrot.

Mrs Rustbridger brought round a pile of crocheted blankets; the weather forecast for tomorrow doesn't look too good.

The weather today doesn't look too good either.

Yesterday, it was spring - and sun - and birds singing - and stuff.

Today, there are cold slants of rain.

Oh flippin' 'ec! It's snowing!



Zoƫ said...

We have masses of snow today, 4 - 5 inches ... hope its better were you are!

Crafty Gardener said...

Hope the weather improves for your outing tomorrow.

Esther Montgomery said...

Our snow is intermittent.

It's not settling.

But the ground is getting colder - so it may later on.

We don't get much snow here nowadays. There are tales of fields filling with snow in the 1960s and tractors simply driving over the tops of hedges!

But most years we get nothing. And if there is any at all, it is generally only a quarter of an inch at the most.

Result - everyone gets very excited!

(But not the right weather for riding long distances on bicycle rickshaws!)


merlinprincesse said...

We still have 4 to 5 feet of snow on our ground up here.... blah! Spring is VERY LATE....

Esther Montgomery said...

Merlinprincesse - we have so much enjoyed the photos of your snow! I wish we could have proper snow here - but perhaps not as much as you have!


VP said...

We've only had a few flakes here - we're in a snow dead zone I think. It's a bit like the eye of the storm when the wind ceases, except the snow doesn't come instead!

Haven't forgotten to email btw

Melanie said...

Esther, the best thing my daughter and I found when visiting London in 2006 was pasties. She wanted them every day, especially from the shop in Covent gardens.