Thursday, May 22, 2008


There was no garden, when I moved here. Just an empty space and some shrunken squares of turf - ending in a jagged line where the builder got bored and went away.

It was hot; that summer. I positioned the shed on a West/East line - placed a bench along the North side - and sat in its shade.

I've looked at the sheds on Shedworking, from time to time.

None of them look like mine.

But Shedworking has won a 'Fork'nMonkey' Blog Award so I've given my shed an honorary medal.

For other winners (including Esther in the Garden) - see sidebar . . . . . . .

And here is a P.S.

Nancy (at 'Nancy's Garden Spot') has offered to send a home-made present to the first three people to ask - on condition that those three themselves offer to make a home-made present for three of their own blog readers.

I've taken her up on this.

. . . . Which means all I have to do now is to ask if any three people reading 'Esther in the Garden' would like me to make them a (small) home-made present and send it to them.


If so - sign up below (in the 'Comments').


(I won't be checking to see if you offer to make presents for three people!)


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Ron Eklof said...

Hooray! and what competition to be amongst. Your shed has my vote as well.

Esther Montgomery said...

Thanks Ron.

If you return, you'll see I have put all the 'winners' in the side-bar now.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Congratulations on the award. It would be fun to get something handmade from someone talented (like you), but, to quote Mr. T, "I pity the fool" who would get something handmade from me. I'm only good at faux finishing walls, which don't ship well.

Esther Montgomery said...

MMD - I like the idea of a postal worker struggling up the garden path with a wall!

I wonder what you might wrap it in?


VP said...

Esther - congratulations again and thanks for the link! MMD's comment and your reply reminds me of the time I was lost in Mallorca in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere and the only person available to ask for directions was a passer by carrying a door on his head!

VP said...

I've now written a special poem to commemorate our success ;)