Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm anxious and morose.

This is why:-
On Tuesday Morning
the M.O.D. Prison Bus was parked in Lyme Regis car park.

At Eight O'clock on Tuesday Evening
there was a landslide - VP told me.

It was the largest in that region for a hundred years.

* * * * *
Everyone's Heard of Darwin (I think).

Mary Anning hardly ever gets a look in.

She was young.

She was a woman.

She was poor.

She lived in Lyme Regis. (Not exactly the centre of the world.)

(Not then.)

(She died in 1849.)

But she kick started palaeontology.

(Not that it was described that way - they hadn't invented motorbikes.)

But until she sold Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs and Pterosaurs no-one really noticed they were there. And then, when they did (notice) - it took a while before other scientists realised their significance.

And even longer for the rest of the world to agree.

* * * * *
It's the tide which releases them from the cliffs - before sucking them away.

Humans who want interesting ones - have to be quick.

* * * * *
Where would Darwin have been without Mary Anning and her collector's basket?


* * * * *
On Tuesday, Martians and Plutonians were allowed out onto the cliffs near Lyme.

By the end of the day, a four-hundred metre stretch had gone missing.

Slugs have eaten the tips off my Lilly of the Valley plants.

No wonder I'm morose.


For Tomorrow


VP said...

Oh dear Esther, I do hope you have good news soon.

My geological hammer is at the ready if you need help with the search.

I have a book about Mary Anning - someone I used to work with is a descendent of hers...

And - I've no problem with the mention of course!

Melanie said...

Esther, I couldn't stand it any longer. With you last post I almost jumped out of my chair but I'm so sore and weary. You had me all excited. Now with this post I can't stand it, I had to hobble down the basement steps to get it...the book...the book my daughter Emily did her first book report on. It is "Dragon in the rocks" "A story based on the childhood of early paleontologis Mary Anning." We loved this story and read it out loud many, many times.

I'm about ready for bed but I had to catch up on my reading first.