Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've been thinking about the silhouettes of trees.

Roughly speaking, there are circles and semi-circles on sticks (like Oaks).

There are triangles on sticks (like Cypress and Spruce ).
There are sticks on sticks (like Poplars).Blobs on sticks (Apple Trees).Chimney brushes (Larch).

Feather dusters (Willow and Birch).Loo brushes and Parasols (Palm).
Candyfloss (Sweet Chestnut).Floppies like willows which weep;

And upwardly pointing cordylines.

Where there is snow, the triangle rules ok.
In Dorset, there is variety.
On Pluto - The Golfing Umbrella.
The bus to Lyme Regis leaves in ten minutes.

More tomorrow!


hanako! said...

This is probably the truest blog post I have ever read. It reminds me of strolling through, well, *anywhere* with my oldest sister, who is able to point out the resemblance of plants to everyday objects. Generally not as amusing as your observations, but sometimes she comes up with gems like:

"Doesn't this look like a hat for a very small person?"
"I love the funny souffle shape this thing has."
"Can't you imagine a small animal slipping its paws into this one and using it as shoes?"

I enjoy your golf umbrella tree. I wish we had more of those and less of the "object-on-a-stick" types.

themanicgardener said...


Melanie said...

Perfect, I thought I knew nothing about trees but according to your post, I can figure out their shapes just fine. Thanks so much, I can't draw like you but I can see them in my mind.

garden girl said...

Trees are one of the few things I can draw. My grandfather used to do oil paintings of trees. I have one of them hanging in my living room.

I enjoyed your descriptions various kinds of trees. I'll be looking them in a new way after reading this Esther.