Friday, May 30, 2008


Perhaps Ming is right. Slugs prefer the next allotment along. His Jerusalem Artichokes are high and healthy. His chard is glossy and green. Soon the broad beans will be ready. (Yuch!)

The onions are small (but sweet) - and the runner beans uneaten.

The things we bought at the Garden Centre on Sunday have arrived.

Two large flower pots.

Four bags of John Innes Number 3.

And some Cotswold Stone Chippings.

We couldn't afford more.

Right to the last minute, our minds were open.

I was at the cash till. The man at the checkout was waiting for money. I ran to Ming (who was mulling over tomato feed and pretending this wasn't happening).

I could put everything back, I said. I'd try not to be grief stricken when every single one of the tomato plants went to the allotment (potless). I wouldn't gaze miserably at bald patches in paths (not when he was looking). Really!

He gulped - and was generous.

(The wages of cleaners are horribly low!)

So - now - we have one very regal tomato plant in a very big pot by the kitchen door - and one pumpkin in a slightly less big pot beside the hollyhocks.

That's the end of space.

* * * * *

Thanks to everyone who waved!

Ming's mum said she saw someone with dark hair and two legs.

* * * * *

Tomorrow, I shall continue the inventory of plants to the right hand side of my front door.
_ _ _ _ _


Zoë said...

Sounds fabulous, I hope Ming doesn't confuse the pumpkin with a Triffid, they grow almost as fast and as vast!

I think of all the things we plant to eat, tomatoes are my absolute favourite and are aptly named 'Love Apples'.

Oh btw, I have dark hair and 2 legs (counts them again), yes that's right, 2 legs.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

It wasn't me. My hair isn't dark; but I would have waved. Glad you got your pot.~~Dee

Iris Hunter said...

Picture of "Esther the Queen"on Heritage Irises go take a look


I also have dark hair and two legs..but my hair wasn't dark yesterday and I am an ocean away. I hope that your tomato plant multiplies. I know one gardener who finds stray tomato plants in her perennial gardens every year. How lucky!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It might have been me Ming's mum saw - I have dark hair & 2 legs (at least I did last time I counted). But I was wearing a hat. Was the dark hair hanging down the back of someone wearing a hat?
Good luck with the Pumpkin-in-a-pot. If you're successful, I'll have to try that next year. I would love to grow pumpkins, but I don't have enough full sun ground, just the patio.

garden girl said...

Esther, I have dark hair and two legs, and I waved. I thought I saw her wave too. From so far away, it was hard to tell for sure who she was waving to. Maybe she was waving to everyone on Earth who has dark hair and two legs.

Tomatoes are my favorite. But only garden-grown tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes from the store. Except maybe cherry tomatoes sometimes. Grape tomatoes are sometimes ok too. But only when they're fresh. They often aren't, especially when they're served in restaurants here.