Saturday, May 24, 2008


Indian sweets are (very) sweet.

Colourful too.

And the ones which aren't colourful look interesting - which is almost as good.

The jalebi had gone soggy by the time I served them for pudding - on Wednesday.

The burfi were fine.

(The chauffeur liked them anyway.)

Marjorie was indifferent.

(I suppose she's used to them.)

* * * * *

So, there we were.

Three Martians.

Two half humans.


- eating sweets and planning to save the world from death and destruction - when the doorbell rang.

Ceres, Robert, Caddis and their Mum had come to show us the baby.

* * * * *

Marjorie wasn't interested but the chauffeur was polite - he stroked the baby's head.

Worthing and Didcott hung back; bored.

Ming offered them a cup of tea and put the kettle on.

"What's she called?" he asked, swishing warm water round in the pot.


(It was Ceres who said this - proudly.)

Ming dropped the pot.

The chauffeur ran from the house.

Marjorie leapt to her feet and her chair clattered back against the dresser (which startled me).

Worthing and Didcott froze.

The mother of Sharon, Robert, Ceres and Caddis smiled a soft, soft smile.

Then they went home.

* * * * *

The parsley has whitefly.
_ _ _ _ _



ericat said...

thanx for the visit. Whitefly - I think it is too dry for them here. It gets me all creepy the way these creepy crawly little things keep on getting the best out of us.
winter is comming and the aloes are pushing out buds. The bulbs are also starting to show not to mention the daisies. It is so exciting. The nasturtium are taking on weed propotions. tzzz

easygardener said...

That's a bit of a cliffhanger!
Who would have thought that the name Sharon would have such dark undertones.