Monday, June 2, 2008


‘Cutting off the dead bits’?

What ‘dead bits’?

There aren’t any ‘dead bits’ in the garden. Not this time of year!

But it wasn’t too bad.

Worthing had put down saucers of lettuce for slugs.

And Didcott had watered seedlings in the rain.

But dead-heading roses was helpful.

Trimming the Windmill Palm - less so. It looks all sticky-outy now. And the neat-angled scissor-
cuts will go harsh and brown.

I liked its frayed and tatty grace. I liked it how it was!

Worthing has pulled out bamboo stakes. There wasn’t one left. (‘Dead.’)

And Didcott has taken rose prunings away from the Olive Tree. (Dead.)

“Sometimes,” I explained. “‘Dead’ is useful.”

They looked blank.When they set off for work I chased after them and called them back so I could give bigger hugs and better thanks.

Then I washed up the saucers and replaced the stakes.

Marjorie has arranged to meet with the second-in-charge on the M.O.D. bus. She says it’s about time someone makes a stand against Pluto and, if it has to be her on her own - then - so be it.

“What about that lot down the street?” Ming asked.

I began to say they weren’t too bad at present. At least, they’d left the clover alone since it started to flower.

That wasn’t what he meant.

Sharon,” he said, “Sharon, not Clover.”


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Zoë said...

Ah, this sounds horribly familiar. The iGit has similarly devastated areas of my garden when enthusiastically trying to help when I have been indisposed. The casualty list was high, including many treasured perennial geraniums and most the annual sowings.

Hoe Hoe Hoe


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Gardening with small Martians takes patience doesn't it? I used to do that. Mine were almost Plutonians when they were small.

Love the 'dead bits.'~~Dee

Barbee' said...

That's the kind of help I have around here :) The garden seems to go on in spite of it.

Esther, you are lucky that the FeedBurner worked for you. I followed Stuart's instructions, too, and it is not working. You must be the last one that got under the wire. At least your posts are showing up, that is good.

Strange that my new post shows in my plot under My Blogs, but not in the list. I am discouraged. I will just come over here and visit. And enjoy your Rambling Rector; I hope I will be safe. If it envelopes me send the boys out with pruners... for the rose not me.

Esther Montgomery said...

Barbeee - I think you may simply have been unfortunate in trying it out today.

Blogger 'went down' for a while earlier.

It's working again now.

I've just gone straight through to your posting from your plot - no trouble. (I put a 'Pick' there to prove it!) (At first, I was puzzled because I mis-read the title - I thought it said 'Testing Seeds' - and for a moment, I was completely thrown.)

Which list is your blog / post not showing up on? - I'll do an 'Esther Test' on that too!


Barbee' said...

Thank you, Esther. Blogger was down again when I tried to respond to this comment of yours. It is having a rough ride today. I took a lunch break and it was back up when I returned just now.

Isn't it strange how our eyes play tricks on us. ('Testing Seeds' in stead of 'Testing Feeds') We laugh about that frequently. Sometimes the way we see it in error is rather amusing and we share it and laugh about it. Now, we are beginning to hear things incorrectly, too. Might as well laugh, it's only going to get worse. :)

Yesterday, at 2:00 PM my time, approximately 8 or 9 your time, I think), I published a post. It still has not shown up in the lists. It was in my plot.

I switched to FeedBurner, then sent that Testing Feeds post to see if converting to FeedBurner corrected the problem It did not.

The lists are the "New Garden Blog Posts" and "200 Most Faved Blog Posts".

Esther, if you want to delete these comments from your post that is ok with me. I doubt if you want all this about my problems on your cute post. I won't be offended at all.

Esther Montgomery said...

No,no! Leave them here.

Someone may have some good suggestions about a solution.


Esther Montgomery said...

Barbee - I've just been looking at the lists and see what you mean. Gosh! It must be very frustrating.

If it's any consolation, I've got your blog on my reader - and on my Favourites List - and on a list on my laptop - and, if I go through Blotanical, I usually go through your plot (which is working) - so there's not much chance I'll be amongst those missing any of your posts!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm having the same problem as Barbee with Blotanical. I just don't have time to fight with it right now. If anybody comes up with a fix, let me know.
Turning to this blog, Ester, I'm glad you're doing better. It sounds very frustrating to deal with a fit. I've just bought my first Rose & I hope it doesn't behave like the naughty "Rector." Ethusiasm is good, but exuberance is just too much.

Barbee' said...

That is good news. I check yours every day, too. Guess I will just stop stewing about it and move on. I think I will delete that 'Testing Feeds' post; it has served its purpose. There just seems to be an incompatibility between Blotanical and Blogger. I think the feed worked, because it wasn't long before there was a comment on the new post 'Stroll the Estate'.
How is your apple tree? Will you be making jelly this year?

Weeping Sore said...

Hi Esther,
What a lovely discovery you blog is! I can only imagine the trials and tribulations of Martian Gardening. At the moment, I'm admiring pictures of my sister's garden in Michigan. So lush and rich compared to my bleak desert. I look forward to learning more about your garden.
Anne, aka Weeping Sore

Frances, said...

Just a note to let you know I was nosing around. Blogger had me worried earlier but is fixed it seems. I also did the feedburner like Stuart suggested and it seemed to work, but not right away. I sent him a help note, it may be that he has to do something to make it work. Like MMD, most of us are too busy to spend too much time on it. Deadheading roses is a pleasant task.

Cinj said...

It took me a couple of days after I switched to feedburner for my posts to start showing up. If you've followed all of the directions then I'd just wait for them to get caught up.

Melanie said...

Hi Esther,

I'm so glad you did leave all these comments here or I wouldn't have even known I had a problem at blotanical!

That's what happens when you only have time to hit a few blogs a day and don't even visit yourself.


garden girl said...

Aw, so sweet of the boys to 'help' in the garden! I'm glad you're up and about again Esther.

I haven't had time to mess with feedburner, and my posts don't show on Blotanical either. I hope Stuart can find a better fix.