Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Rambling Rector has gouged into the shed roof and ripped the felt away.

The wind lifts his flailing branches from the wall and is pushing them east - towards the house.

The Broom is coming with them.

Together, they press on the arch where a honeysuckle grows. The honeysuckle is splitting. The arch swings loose on both sides.

I stand at the window and watch.

The arms of the Rambling Rector are fifteen feet long; its thorns are half inch razors of solid wood.

The sun shines. The sky is blue. But there is a Kraken in our garden - and the wind has brought it to life.

Patrice (who has come, so nobly, to the defence of adverbs) has written an 'Adverb Poem' and posted it on her blog. (Saturday March 8th.)

It is very delicate and light.

Gingerly I sifted you
with cinnamon and spice.
Gingerly you frosted me
with everything that’s nice.
Gingerly this recipe should
fill us once or twice.
Gingerly let’s have some tea
and cut ourselves a slice.

. . . Very soothing, I think, for people with gardening blogs whose gardens are presently being destroyed!

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