Thursday, March 13, 2008


Can you believe it!

Mrs Rustbridger phoned again this morning to complain about the shed making noises in the night.

"Mrs Rustbridger," I said. (Ranted!) "For the last three days lorries have been blown over on motorways, trains have been crashing into fallen trees, and the only thing we have been able to hear above the raging of the wind has been the sound of wheelie bins and recycling boxes skidding down the street - and you complain about our shed!"

But she was adamant.

Not only that, she insisted upon coming round! She wanted to look inside.

Fortunately, there was a lull in the wind - though we had to rattle and pull for a couple of minutes before the door would open. A branch of the Rambling Rector was caught across it.

I wasn't too worried about what we would find.

Ming's suitcase doesn't look anything like a spaceship.

And I knew it was there.

But I hadn't expected five green suitcases.

Not that Mrs Rustbridger took any notice of them. To her, they were simply five old suitcases bunged at the back of a shed.

She was more surprised by the row of three washing machines, two of which had just gone into a spin cycle.

Me too!

It's drizzling now - a welcome change from sleet! The clematis has blown onto the other side of the wall. The hollyhock is undamaged. The lemon balm is struggling. (But that's cats; not the weather.)

Ming's gone to buy: -
Tomato Seed
Seed for a Second Variety of Beetroot
Spinach Seed
Beet Spinach Seed

He's back at work now and one Jerusalem Artichoke is up.

(Don't we hear about it!)
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