Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ming is fed up with being an ex-Goth. He's decided to be an ex-Punk instead and has died his hair pink. This accentuates the greenishness of his skin. (It gets greener still when he's embarrassed - and I don't think the false moustache suits him.)

Lucy is frightened when she talks to him.

Mrs Rustbridger crosses the road.

Yesterday, when I was looking for envelopes, I found an opened packet of 'Blue Annuals'.

How very imprecise! How dreary!

It's not that blue flowers don't have their place - but they don't look right in our garden.

I didn't buy this packet.

The 'use by' date has been torn off. I returned it to its hiding place among the envelopes and went to buy Globe Artichoke seeds.

Six are now germinating in the airing cupboard.

I've stuck a sprig of lavender in each pot so I can tell it's not parsley.

When the artichokes reach the windowsill stage, it will be time for runner beans.

Ming is thinking of telling people he's given up on geraniums. He's considering Candytuft instead.
I'm suggesting nettles.

Mrs Rustbridger phoned to ask why our shed was glowing green at midnight.

I said I had no way of knowing. I was asleep at the time. And I was!

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Ron Eklof said...

Ming is evasive /
Like some Chinese pottery /
With nettled neighbors / Ming Haiku

Esther Montgomery said...

And not an adverb in sight!


Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Hi Esther - we must be in sync - I just found you through Garden Monkey

I think artichokes will be pretty big and suspect some thinning will be taking pace if they survive 'till planting out time.... I manage to kill most things before they ever leave the glasshouse!