Sunday, April 20, 2008


Monday - Coffee with VP at Poundbury.

Tuesday - Visit Worthing in prison.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - Clear everything from the airing cupboard - towels, sheets, spare pillows, clothes - everything. (Ming is planning to grow a large crop of squash and needs extra space for seed trays.)

Friday - Something's bound to come up.

Ming says Didcott must swap places with Worthing.

The prison bus is now being taken on long trips down European motorways. The experience, says Ming, will advance Didcott's education.

I protest.

But Didcott is keen to go.

He says it's his 'Family Responsibility'.

This, I think, means he's heard enough about The Tudors for the moment.

"We've all felt like that from time to time," I assure him, "but," I say, "going to prison is not honourable means of escape."

(He's looking forward to the Mary Rose visit though - probably because there'll be crisps in his picnic box.)

To make sure the plan runs smoothly, Didcott has been practising 'nine months'.

The difference between eight and nine months in a baby is subtle but discernible. If he gets it wrong, we may all end up in prison.

(Then, who will do the watering?)

Ming suggested I practise looking 'Not Guilty' in front of the mirror.

I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

(When the exchange was effected last time, I was lucky enough to have had a fit. I didn't have to 'LOOK' anything. I was too busy lying on the floor being frightened and worrying how we'd get home.)

At least we won't need the rickshaw this time. The bus is coming to us.

I've bought a crate full of cheap mugs so we can offer everyone tea.

And several packets of chocolate digestives.

Indeed, the kitchen is beginning to look quite festive!



merlinprincesse said...

Chocolate digestive is a cool idea... Bring a lot for the guards... :)

Barbee' said...

Good plans for a busy week.
Do you ever get confused as to who is who (or is that whom)? Just as long as you and everyone else knows you are you :) Or, maybe there are days when you would rather be someone else. I have had such days.

Esther Montgomery said...

Interesting that you ask this, Barbee - because while I was writing this, I was hoping the rest of my family aren't able to change my age or appearance.

I really wouldn't want to spend time in prison, even if it is touring round Europe.

If the suggestion arises, I will resist it.

I nearly answered that I know who everyone is except for me - but that would have been glib and untrue.

I do know who I am - and I'm sticking with it!


Frances, said...

Hi Esther, is that some pinky red sneaking into your planting at the header? Cups are very festive in their own right, I think.

Frances at Faire Garden