Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I've bought a rickshaw.

(That sounds odd. Bought? Boughten? That's better - I've boughten a rickshaw.)

Didcott was cross.

He says we don't want to draw attention to ourselves.

I said - all eyes will be on the rickshaw; not on us.

He liked that.

We've been taking turns to pedal. Worthing sits happily in his baby seat - and waves.

* * * * *

I've scrubbed (scrubben?) spiders nests from old flowerpots.

I've taken green-wood box cuttings.

I've been interviewed by yet another policeman.

Apparently (oh what a surprise! ! ! ) a neighbour thinks I'm spying on her. She says I've been peering into her garden through binoculars. She thinks I've been inspecting her washing line with the intention of stealing more of her clothes.

Maybe, on a far and distant planet, a female Martian is stomping round in one of Mrs Rustbridger's old and lacy tops - old tights arranged loosely round her ankles - skirt hitched high at the waist.

But (I asked the policeman) did he seriously think I admire Mrs Rustbridger's taste, her style . . . her anything?

* * * * *

Soon, we'll sow the giant pumpkins.




Frances, said...

The rickshaw sounds cool. Am I seeing things or is your drawing of the bush on the wall at the top leafing out?
Frances at Faire Garden

Esther Montgomery said...

No your're not seeing things. The picture has been changing all the way through. The box bushes have grown. The clematis grew - then flowered - then vanished when the wind blew it to the other side of the wall. The light has changed too as we've moved away from winter - I've been wondering if anyone has ever noticed!


Zoƫ said...

Hello, I am new to Blotanical and thought I would explore some of the blogs in the UK. It occured to me that offering Wooly Aphids a cup of tea and then a second might be a way of controlling how long they stay?

If not, back to the gardening books!

Enjoyed your blog, you have a wonderful sense of humour.

Esther Montgomery said...

Zoe - what a wonderful idea! I wish I'd thought of that!


garden girl said...

Esther, a rickshaw sounds very cool! I hope you and the children enjoy it. My children would have loved it when they were young, but then, they aren't 1/2 Martian.

I'm looking forward to seeing your espaliered apple in bloom. I hope you'll have some lovely apples too.

Did your clematis die, or is growing on the other side of the wall now?