Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ming's Mum will be watching from Mars at Midday.

* * * * *


When is Midday?

(Australia alone has several.)

We used to have quite a few ourselves - but railway timetablers couldn't cope - which is why we 'Do-Noon-Together' now. (London time.)

(It causes resentment.)

(An individual's politics can be detected by the way he or she aligns a sundial!)

I'd quite like to set 'Midday' by 'Dorchester Time'.

But if everyone in the world waves at once - Ming's Mum will miss people on the other side of the planet. (The earth would get in the way.)


Let every waver plant an upright stick in the ground.

When it casts no shadow -
jump up and down, fling your arms around and shout Yoohoo!

Ming's Mum will be pleased with this arrangement - she won't need to calibrate her telescope or set its tracking device.

She can start with us - and watch everyone else as they come round waving.

(Unless the earth's going in the other direction, in which case, they'll have gone in before she sees them.)

(Come to think of it - if "Where-she-lives-on-Mars" is facing away from Earth when it's Midday in Dorchester - she'll see space instead of us.)

(Or - sea if Dorchester is obscured by the Pacific.)

(Ming's right. I would have done better if Astronomy were given more prominence in the school curriculum.)
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Zoë said...

\o/ <~~~~ me frantically waving to Ming's Mum

Yooooooo HOOOOOOOOO from Hampshire, which is a few degrees right of Dorchester.

I am off to Mottisfont Abbey shortly, if you can get Ming to influence the weather to stay as it is for a bit longer, I would be eternally grateful!

Best Wishes,


easygardener said...

Mine was only a short wave I'm afraid - I was getting funny looks from the builders next door.
Visibility was good though!

Victoria said...

I waved...

garden girl said...

I'll be waving!

Helloooo Ming's Mom!

Ron Eklof said...

I was driving down the side road in our little park when I saw this woman with arms akimbo waving up and down just like the Semaphore version of Wuthering Heights and I stopped. It was 7:41AM EST here in Florida. She continued to wave about oblivious to my presence and I asked, "What are you doing?" Only then I thought of your mother-in-law on Mars and turning to get my bearings started waving about myself.
She continued with out a word and I asked, "Do you think Ming's Mom can see us?"
She, without looking at me, exasperated, "What on Earth are you talking about?"
I replied, "That's just it, isn't it? It isn't on Earth. Mom's the word."
She stopped, picked up her easel and painting accouterments and huffed off saying, "Blather on by yourself, good sir. I have more pressing matters to attend."
I was left to wave by myself in the park by the oaks (hope they didn't obscure the view from Mars). Well, at least the lady's diction is up to snuff, whatever that means.
Let us know how things turned out when the planet axises align.
ps: when I put Wuthering on this post the spell checker asked if I meant withering. Illiterate spell checker.

themanicgardener said...

Esther--see what you've started?

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I had to guess on Midday here as it got overcast today.

Nancy said...

Alas, it was fully cloudy today. I'll have to pass on a wave mentally.


VP said...

Damn - missed it :(

Anonymous said...

A "small mind" could never have created the idea of your blog! Nice try though ;)

Thanks for the visit. I'll be back to keep up with your happenings and visitations.