Monday, May 12, 2008


I've travelled in an aeroplane twice; once at night; once over cloud.

So I've never seen a tree from above.

I can guess, though, what they look like.
Oak Trees

Apple trees

Horse Chestnut and Lime trees (and some oaks).



Small, stunted hawthorns, blasted by salt gales clinging to the tops of storm swept cliffs.

In a West Wind.

In an EastWind

When we landed on Pluto, fear distracted me. I didn't look at trees.

But I've looked into their branches.

From above, the larger ones probably look like this

or this.

Two shapes.

Fewer than on earth.

But Golfing Umbrellas have even fewer.
(Just one.)

(Unless furled counts.)(Which it doesn't!)

For Tomorrow


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your tree perspectives remind me of those landscape architecture drawings that never enable me to imagine how things are going to look. I especially liked the post-wind drawings, which I've never noticed on any landscaping drawings I've seen. Now those are useful and clearly convey the image.

Esther Montgomery said...

Mr McGregor

I'm so pleased you like them.

I think looking at trees from above must be a bit like looking down on people from a high building.

However varied our faces, the tops of our heads are almost uniform - unless we have interestingly shaped bald patches or brightly coloured hair dye.

Or, perhaps, are totally and permantently windswept - like a cliff-top hawthorn!

(Or me!)


Barbee' said...

It's amazing how much one learns when we travel.

Philip Bewley said...

I always ask for a window seat when I fly. I love looking down on the land below. The drawings are dlightful in this post, as always.