Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today, it is summer.

The street is full of sounds; children; adults; parties.


My head hurts.

I feel sick.

I wish Didcott and Worthing had quiet, book reading friends.

Friends who close doors gently.

Who don't eat so many biscuits.

Perhaps some nice, anti-social friends who never visit?

I've sent them to the park.

(The ones who are here.)

(All of them.)

(With money for ice-creams.)

I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow, with any luck, it will be winter.

For Tomorrow


ericat said...

Thanks for taking me out for a few minutes. I work weekends on my websites and blogs - cheap phone rate. No rest.
You can say a lot in a few words. Then I have some time to smile and read it again.

Our winter rain season is starting. weekdays will be gardening now.

Did you see my blog on the tame kudu? so sweet shame. Look at the end of the menu for Kambi - it reads better than the blog as it does not start at the end.


Esther Montgomery said...

ericat - glad you asked about Kambi - I didn't know about your web-map . . . and now I've found it.

I took a few quick peeks (at the Kudu and cats . . . Elizabeth and clothes . . .) and will look at more tomorrow when it is calmer here.

(Just at present, two soaking wet little boys who have been throwing water at each other in the garden - are squelching their way round the house, leaving a muddy trail behind them and wondering if there are any spare dry clothes for them to put on. One of them is wondering what his mum will say . . . ! And I'm wondering why, when I say my head is hurting, they look at me with such puzzled expressions for the slightest fraction of a second - then carry on shouting!)


Nancy J. Bond said...

I hope your head feels better soon. :) It's as cold (and windy!) as November here in Nova Scotia today.

Esther Montgomery said...

Nancy - one of the fascinating things I've become more aware of through reading gardening blogs - is that all seasons run simlutaneously.

I think, until recently, I had a kind of on/off, north/south attitude to winter/summer and wasn't even slightly aware of the subtlety in gradation round the planet.

It's all very obvious really, but it's taken a while before the 'penny has dropped' for me.


garden girl said...

Esther, I hope you're soon feeling better. I think it's a good thing I had girls - their play was quieter and less physical than most of the boys in the neighborhood. I'm not sure how well I'd have coped with rambunctious little boys. I definitely prefer order and quiet. You have my empathy.

merlinprincesse said...

Winter in England is probably less drastic than in Quebec... well... Today (Wednesday) is sooo nice!!! In the twenties for the first time! :) Just purrrrfect! I sooo need Spring, since the awfull Winter we had!!!! But I know that here in Canada, we can have all weathers at the same time! Almost still Winter in the Eastern Provinces (including Nova Scotia), Summer here in Quebec, snow, last week in Calgary, rain and rain and rain in Vancouver... :) Hheheh... Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations... As would say Spock! Does Hubby knows Spock? ;o)

Esther Montgomery said...

Merlinprincesse - I'll have to ask - though the answer may not be straightforward.

Humanoids from other planets take a variety of personal names for use around the Galaxy.

(Local languages have to be allowed for.)

Spock may not be 'Spock' elsewhere. Ming certainly isn't 'Ming'.

The intention is not to make people 'untrackable' - though this is often the result.