Saturday, May 10, 2008


I mustn't lose track of my threads.

There's the inventory of Plutonian Flora.

And I started to say what happened when I went to rescue Didcott on Tuesday.

Then I got distracted by the Lyme Regis landslide.

Then I started to worry about a bush in my garden.

(The Landslide - I'm beginning to suspect that had more to do with the Refuse Department than alien invaders.

According to newspaper reports, a Council Rubbish Pit tumbled forward onto the beach, along with the boulders and rocks and earth and trees and bushes and grass and mud and fossils.

But, as gardeners know, digging holes close to each other is asking for trouble. The sides simply crumble . And what is a cliff by the sea if it is not a hole with one half missing?)

And Ming walked in yesterday evening.

He said someone had given him a lift.

He wanted to know if there was any supper left or had the rest of us eaten it?

(The 'rest of us' being me and Worthing and Didcott.)

So, now we are all together again - which should please Merlinprincesse.

Right - Tuesday.

(We had eaten the supper. Why not? We hadn't known he was going to walk in just then!)


(And if he'd let us know in time, we would, of course have made something special. (We might even have risen to a carry-out from the very excellent Indian Restaurant on the main road.))


After I'd left the driver, I went to talk with some of the guards who were drifting back to the bus.

(This is Tuesday.)

Two of them were having an argument about 'Corporate Hospitality' - a topic unlikely to be of riveting interest to extra-terrestrials.

So I put them down as Chelsea Supporters.

But I was getting worried about the timing. Didcott would be back any second now with a pocket full of Belamites - and I didn't want him asking questions in public. So I asked a guard if I could sit and read on the bus.

He showed me to the dining area.

Which was useful.

I made myself comfortable, sat straight, removed the flower-press from my pocket, put it in on the table in front of me, unscrewed the little wing-nuts - and laid bare a small, yellow frond from a methane tolerant fern which I had 'collected' from the Botanic Gardens when I was on Pluto.

Then I waited to see who would notice.

For Tomorrow


Philip Bewley said...

I would love to visit the Botanical gardens on Pluto one day. Would the methane tolerant fern do well by the dustbin?

garden girl said...

I've missed some things, I can see. I'm happy to know your family is all back together again, and I hope it stays that way. I need to catch up on what I've missed!

The Garden Faerie said...

I actually enjoyed a day and night in Lyme Regis, but there was neither a landslide nor any Martians. I did have a 99 Flake (which I thought was called "99 Flake luv" for the longest time based on how it was requested).
~ Monica

merlinprincesse said...

Yeeaahhh!!!!! :) Hope nothing will separate you again... Will now read the more recent posts! :)))