Monday, June 9, 2008


This morning, I ate breakfast in the garden.

No snails.

Just spider gossamer swinging across the path.

I watered early and did some potting-on.

* * * * *

Later, I took coffee into the garden.

And an astronomy book.

(And watched bees on the roses in between paragraphs.)

They all spin anti-clockwise (planets, that is; not bees). (Bees don't spin.)

Except Venus. (Not that Venus is a bee. Venus is a planet.)

(And Uranus (which is also a planet) stands in a class of it own because it sort of judders.)

And I've been reading about dwarf planets too.

One is Ceres.

Another is Charon.


* * * * *

I'm very behind with my inventories:-

Plants on the right hand side of the front door . . . . .

. . . . . trees and ferns on Pluto . . . . .

. . . . . that kind of thing.

And now I'll get even more behind because I've decided to do bark rubbings as well.


(I'm also planning to list my faults and say which plants shouldn't be grown near washing lines.)

(Tomorrow, that is.)

(One has a duty to pass on gardening wisdom to future Montgomery generations!)

(I think.)

_ _ _ _ _


Barbee' said...

Hmmmm- bark rubbings - what a good idea!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Esther, I thought of you last night when I watched a special on the landing of the Mars mission -- how exciting it must all be for you. ;-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It sounds like a relaxing morning in the garden, which is vastly different from morning in the garden around here lately. It won't stop raining.

Philip Bewley said...

Bark rubbings! brass rubbings in Ye olde churchyard and on Midieval fonts is so yesterday!

Esther Montgomery said...

Hello Nancy

Thanks for your thoughts. It is certainly a difficult time for us at present, what with all the attention the Mars Lander is bringing to Ming's home planet.

Everyone there is having to lie low - no radio transmissions - no surface excursions - nothing of that sort.

We are assuming his family are ok. And we are continuing with our plans for a visit there towards the end of June. But it's a dangerous and worrying time. One glimpse of a Martian - and you know what will happen next . . . .


P.S. You probably know this anyway, but in case not, Google has Maps of Mars from NASA in its 'Google Labs'.

Esther Montgomery said...

Barbee and Philip -

I see you are unconvinced about bark rubbings.

I feel a post coming on . . . . !

(By the way, Philip, you don't get brass in Mediaeval fonts.)

(Unless they had brass plugs to stop the water running away.)

(Plug rubbings doesn't sound quite . . . )


Esther Montgomery said...

Mr McGregor's Daughter

I hope your rain has stopped.

We have had nearly three days of sunshine now (I am writing this on Tuesday) and are wilting. It has come upon us very suddenly so we aren't coping and are getting tired and cross.

Before, we were complaining about slugs. Now the slugs have gone into hiding, we are complaining about the heat which has driven them there. Can't win!

(Though I'd rather have heat than slugs except I do need to do other things - as well as the garden. Thinking, for example!)


Barbee' said...

I am not sure, but, I think I see some differences in the two bark rubbings. Could there be code messages found in there? Perhaps, it would be a good idea to have Worthing and Didcott do some leaf rubbings just to be sure your garden plants are being 'used' for secret communications. By whom ?! Hope you get it resolved one way or the other before you leave for holiday to Mars.