Monday, March 24, 2008


If I were rich, I'd erect elegant iron railings round the ground by our house.

But I'm not.

(So I can't.)

Robert, Caddis and Ceres live on the other side of Lucy. If they see a newly planted plant; they unplant it.

(Ceres is wrongly named.)

If Robert, Caddis and Ceres see an un-tended garden, they trample its weeds and leave sweet wrappers to show who was there. If Robert, Caddis and Ceres didn't live on the other side of Lucy - I might not be so deeply wracked with the desire for iron railings.

But they do.

(So I am.)

Another blade of grass has emerged next to the parsley and more tomato seedlings have germinated in the airing cupboard.
I think I'll put extra runner beans in their place.
(I don't trust Miss Martin's methods.)
This morning, I bought clothes in a charity shop and tried them out in the washing machines in the shed.
An hour later, they were still there.
On the other hand, I had a 'profit' of three more new socks.
Now I have six.
Three pairs.
Didcott saw them on the line.
"If I were you," he said. I'd put them back. You might need them sometime."
Tomorrow, I'm going to the M.O.D. to confront Miss Martin.
I must gather courage.
It must be done!

For Tomorrow



rosa said...

Ceres-the goddess (or god?) or agriculture-a town in the Central Valley of California is named after her/him. It is hot, dry and dull.

rosa said...

*of agriculture

Esther Montgomery said...

I'll have to ask Ceres' mum where they got the name.

There's been a fashion, in the last few years, for naming children after places.

Places with fond memories - e.g. where the parents went on their honeymoon.

Ceres in California doesn't sound like a prime honeymoon destination. But you never know!

A while back, you mentioned in one of your posts, that California' spells 'Glamour' for some people! (Even when it's hot, dry and dull? Oh! But there are Cowboys! And Giant Cactuses. And Film Crews!)

Anyway . . . I'll ask her mum.